From the beginning of June to the end of July, The American University of Paris offers a variety of credit-bearing courses adapted to fit the intensive study format of a summer term. Enrollment is open to returning AUP students as well as visitors, 18 and older, who have completed secondary education. The flexible schedule allows students to earn up to 11 credits in either a six-week session, or in one or two three-week sessions. AUP offers a three-week French Immersion program as well as three-week intensive courses. Policies that are specific to the summer term are indicated below. 



Enrollment may require prior successful completion of prerequisite courses, as indicated in the course description. Visiting students should contact an academic advisor at their home institution regarding the equivalence of prerequisites, and the specific transferability of AUP courses. 


Drop/Add Period 

During the summer term a student can modify his/her registration during the Drop/Add Period. Please refer to the academic calendar on the website for Drop/Add dates specific to the session. Student may add a course or adjust their existing schedule up to 11 credits. 

In keeping with the Summer Refund Policy, no tuition refund can be made once classes have started. 


French Immersion 

Students may enroll for both sessions of French Immersion. However, it must be understood that placement in each session is strictly determined by level, and attendance in the first session in no way guarantees that a student will move up a level for the second session. French level is determined by an online placement exam taken prior to arrival on campus. 


Attendance and Absences 

Students studying at The American University of Paris are expected to attend all scheduled classes. AUP summer term classes are intensive and the increased pace makes it difficult to catch up on missed work. Some departments, such as the Department of French Studies and Modern Languages, have their own absence policy. Students must be mindful of this when making their travel arrangements and during the Drop/Add period in which absences are treated as they would be during the rest of the term. One exception to this rule would be participation in a mandatory course-related study trip that may exceptionally cause an absence in another class. The Office of Academic Affairs will excuse one such course-related absence during the summer term. 


Final Exams 

Final exams are given on the last day of class and will not be administered outside of their scheduled time slots for any reason. 



Grades are reported at the end the session. Grades are neither discussed over the telephone nor given out by e-mail. 

Withdrawal from a Course 

A course that is dropped during the summer term Drop/Add period is not recorded on the transcript. However, the regular tuition refund schedule applies. Course withdrawals after this date will be recorded on the transcript as a “W” and no refund will be made. Students must use the Course Withdrawal webform available on the Academic Forms webpage


AUP Transcripts 

To request an AUP transcript: 

  • The student’s account must be paid in full, and there must be no outstanding obligations to the Library, Bookstore, Multimedia, Housing Office, Cultural Program, or Student Accounting Services. 
  • The transcript request should be made online through Credentials Inc.