Student Accounting Services

All financial records that are linked to student tuition and fees are maintained by Student Accounting Services (SAS). Students can see all charges and payments on the billing section of the Student Portal.

Financial Responsibility

Students and/or their Financially Responsible Persons (FRP) must arrange to pay all tuition and fees by the deadlines indicated by Student Accounting Services. The FRP is the individual who has agreed to be financially responsible for a student’s university expenses. The FRP receives all invoices and financial notices and is liable for all payments. To change the FRP or the email address, students should enter the new contact information in their AUP Student Profile under “Student Addresses.”

Payment Methods

Tuition and fees may be paid by credit card, bank transfer or by a check in euros. Payments can be made online.

Payment Due Dates 

Full-time and part-time tuition, along with any other required fees, must be paid in full prior to the deadlines. Tuition is due on July 15 for the Fall semester and December 15 for the Spring semester, unless the Installment Payment Plan is selected (see Payment Plan Options). University policy requires students to be paid in full before the start of class. 


Student accounts are maintained in euros and all students must pay their tuition and fees in euros (with the exception of US loan checks that are deposited directly into the student account).