Full-time Tuition

The full-time undergraduate tuition covers basic tuition for a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 18 credits. Course overloads that bring registration above 18 credits may be requested, and if approved, the full course is charged on a per-credit basis in addition to the full-time tuition. Graduate tuition is charged on a per-credit basis. For information on the current year’s tuition and fees, undergraduates should refer here and graduate students should refer here. The following student services are also covered by full-time tuition: 

  • Student Activities, 
  • Academic Support Services, 
  • Housing Office Support Services. 


Part-time Tuition Fee

Tuition for part-time students (fewer than 12 credits) is determined on a per-credit basis. 


Auditor Fee

Auditors pay 50% of the per-credit fee for undergraduates and graduate students. Full-time students may audit one course for free in spring and fall.