Requirements: Marketing Major (B.A.)

All BA or BSc degrees require the completion of a minimum 128 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0.
For further degree requirements, please see our BA/BSc Requirements Page.

Global Liberal Arts Core Curriculum

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Course Number Course Name Prerequisites
EN 2020 CCE (minimum grade of "C") Writing & Criticism EN1010 (minimum grade of "C")
FR 1200 CCF (or above) (minimum grade of "C") Elementary French & Culture II  FR1100 (minimum grade of "C")
CCI 1 Four Integrative Inquiry Courses (course type CCI)
(May not overlap with major, at least one must be at AUP. All courses must be outside the major's disciplinary base.)

Freshmen satisfy CCI courses as follows: FirstBridge (two courses) and two additional CCI courses outside the major discipline. FirstBridge courses may not replace major requirements.

Transfer students satisfy CCI courses as follows: four CCI courses outside the major discipline; at least one CCI must be taken at AUP.
CCI 2  
CCI 3  
CCI 4  
Math course coded CCM Quantitative Reasoning  
Lab science course coded CCS Experimental Reasoning MA1005CCM or higher to be taken before or at the same time


(Minimum grade of “C-“ required in each course)


BA1020 Introduction to the Business Experience – 2 credits None
MA1020 Applied Statistics I MA0900 or placement above
BA2001 Financial Accounting None
BA2002 Managerial Accounting BA2001
EC2010 Principles of Microeconomics None
BA2020 Management & Organizational Behavior None
BA2040 Marketing in a Global Environment None
BA3010 Corporate Finance BA1020 AND BA2001 AND EC2010GE110 AND MA1020CCM
BA3012 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility College Level=Junior AND BA1020 AND BA2020CCI
BA3040 Market Research College Level=Junior AND BA2040 AND BA1020 AND MA1020CCM
BA3044 Consumer Behavior College Level=Junior AND BA1020 AND BA2040
CM3067 Advertising BA2040
BA3500 Business Information Systems College Level=Junior AND BA2001
BA4045 International Marketing Seminar College Level=Senior AND Major=Marketing
CM4048 Marketing Strategies for Brand Development BA2040
BA4050 Business Integration Capstone – 2 credits College Level=Senior AND BA2040 AND BA3010



Any courses desired – must complete a total of 128 credit hours to graduate.



Majors with superior academic performance will be invited to participate in the departmental honors program, which affords outstanding students the opportunity to deepen and broaden their understanding of the business world and to accelerate their search for academic and professional excellence. Honors students are required to write and present a thesis in their senior year. Additional information is available from the IBA department chair.